Friday, 14 June 2013

she's a lover baby and a fighter

Daisy cami ~ Topshop
Shorts ~ H&M
Sunglasses ~ Topshop

So a picture from about a week ago, when the weather was actually nice. To be perfectly honest though I'm kind of glad it's gone downhill, at least for the next 10 days, I still have 4 exams left!! I had my Physics and a maths yesterday, and there was a complication with the maths paper and everyone found it impossible, but at least the grade boundaries should be low!!
I've blown the rest of my money on a cute dress from Chicwish, so I'm waiting for that to arrive so that I can take some outfit pictures of it!! Until next month it would appear eBay is my friend for clothes!!


  1. Hi
    This look thinking me 60s
    I love it

    Xo Barbara

  2. I see so much evolving from you

  3. love that top so much <3