Monday, 10 June 2013

born on the horizon, beaming through the sky

Hair daisy ~ Topshop
Sunglasses ~ Topshop
Playsuit ~ Miss Selfridge
Wedges ~ Topshop

So I thought I would make a blog to accompany my lookbook!! Just to say, if you're wondering where I get my look names from, they tend to be lyrics from songs I'm currently listening to that are vaguely relevant!! 
Anyway, I love this playsuit so much!! I went into Miss Selfridges with my friend when we were in town and when I tried it on I totally fell in love with it. All my friends are terrible at dissuading me from buying clothes so my bank balance seems to almost always be at about zero. 
Even this month when I've been inundated with exams, I've somehow managed to spend all my money on clothes!! I kept some money so I could go out after the end of exams..totally forgot about Father's Day. Now I'm skint again.
Anyway, hoping the weather will stay sunny, though it's not looking good. I'm so enjoying wearing summery clothes!!

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